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Order by Call

TEL 0136-58-2501

Please inform us of the name, address, phone number of your group leader and All of customers name, age, height-weight, shoes size, abilities. Also Please inform of duration of rental, delivery location(only Niseko mountain area) and time of delivery.

Order by Fax

FAX 0136-58-2329

Please download of the order form and then fill out the necessary information on the form and send a fax to us. We’ll send confirmation email when got your form.

Order by Mail

Please click our booking form below and fill in a form for further details then send it to us. As soon as we received your booking form, we send you back a booking confirmation by e-mail.

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You need to confirm the delivery time and meeting place after your arrival in Niseko. Please call us ☎︎+(0)136-58-2501

If you are in the Niseko area, We are able to deliver the rental articles within 15 to 30 min after your reservation. Our staff will explain the setting and usage of the equipment.

Please pay charge of all your rental in cash(Japanese yen) or credit card at the fitting time. We accept credit card payment of VISA, Master, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club and DISCOVERY.


Please enjoy !!

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It is possible to change items within the same grade during the rental period. (800JPY per person)  Please call to us When you change the same grade item. You need to inform the delivery time and meeting place.

We will come to the location that you specify for the recovery of the rental articles after the rental period expired.

We will come to the location at time that specify for the recovery of the rental.  Please call us of detail when you need to change to the new location or time.