Rental Price

20232024 PRICE LIST 

※The Prices listed include consumption tax.

※If you order over 3,000 yen you can get the free delivery. (Delivery fee 1,000 yen)

Grades1day2days3days4days5days6days7daysExtra day
Skis,Boots and PolesStandard¥4,800¥8,200¥11,300¥13,400¥14,900¥16,300¥17,700¥1,400
Skis,Boots and PolesPremium¥6,500¥11,300¥15,500¥18,800¥20,900¥22,800¥24,700¥1,900
Skis & PolesStandard¥4,200¥7,400¥10,300¥12,400¥13,700¥15,000¥16,300¥1,300
Skis & PolesPremium¥5,800¥10,200¥14,300¥17,000¥18,800¥20,600¥22,400¥1,800
Skis onlyStandard¥4,100¥7,000¥9,700¥11,600¥12,800¥14,000¥15,200¥1,200
Skis onlyPremium¥5,200¥9,100¥12,600¥15,200¥16,900¥18,600¥20,300¥1,700
Ski Full setStandard¥8,600¥14,400¥19,800¥23,600¥26,000¥28,400¥30,800¥2,400
Ski Full setPremium¥11,200¥19,000¥25,300¥31,100¥34,200¥37,300¥40,400¥3,100
Fun ski and Boots¥4,600¥7,700¥10,000¥11,900¥13,200¥14,500¥15,800¥1,300
Ski Full set : Skis,Boots,Poles,Ski Jacket,Pants,Gloves,Goggles and Beanie
Grades1day2days3days4days5days6days7daysExtra day
Snowboard & BootsStandard¥4,800¥8,200¥11,300¥13,400¥14,900¥16,300¥17,700¥1,400
Snowboard & BootsPremium¥6,500¥11,300¥15,500¥18,800¥20,900¥22,800¥24,700¥1,900
Snowboard onlyStandard¥4,200¥7,400¥10,300¥12,400¥13,700¥15,000¥16,300¥1,300
Snowboard onlyPremium¥5,800¥10,200¥14,300¥17,000¥18,800¥20,600¥22,400¥1,800
Snowboard Full setStandard¥8,600¥14,400¥19,800¥23,600¥26,000¥28,400¥30,800¥2,400
Snowboard Full setPremium¥11,200¥19,000¥25,300¥31,100¥34,200¥37,300¥40,400¥3,100
Snowboard Full set : Snowboard,Boots,Ski Jacket,Pants,Gloves,Goggles and Beanie

1day2days3days4days5days6days7daysExtra day
●Accessories 3 pieces set ●Wear set¥3,600¥5,800¥7,400¥8,900¥9,800¥10,600¥11,400¥800
●Accessories 2 pieces set¥2,600¥4,200¥5,400¥6,500¥7,100¥7,700¥8,300¥600
●Boots ●Snowshoe¥2,300¥3,800¥5,000¥6,100¥6,700¥7,300¥7,900¥600
●Ski Poles ●Goggles¥1,700¥2,600¥3,500¥4,200¥4,700¥5,200¥5,700¥500
●Gloves ●Beanie ●Helmet¥1,600¥2,400¥3,100¥3,700¥4,100¥4,500¥4,900¥400
Accessories 3pieces set : Gloves,Goggles and Beanie Accessories 2 pieces set : Choose from Gloves,Goggles or Beanie
※Battery sold separately
1day2days3days4days5days6days7daysExtra day
●Avalanche Set
●Avalanche Beacon¥2,400¥4,000¥5,200¥6,200¥7,000¥7,800¥8,600¥800
Kids SKI
(0-12 years old)
Grades1day2days3days4days5days6days7daysExtra day
Kids Skis,Boots and PolesKids
Kids skis & PolesKids
Kids Skis onlyKids
Kids Ski Full setKids
Ski Full set : Skis,Boots,Poles,Ski Jacket,Pants,Gloves,Goggles and Beanie
(0-12 years old)
Grades1day2days3days4days5days6days7daysExtra day
Kids Snowboard and BootsKids
Kids Snowboard onlyKids
Kisd Snowboard Full setKids
Snowboard Full set : Snowboad,Boots,Ski Jacket,Pants,Gloves,Goggles and Beanie
(0-12 years old)
1day2days3days4days5days6days7daysExtra day
●Kids Wear set
●Kids Accessories 3pieces set
●Kids Boots ●Kids Snowshoe¥2,300¥3,800¥5,000¥6,100¥6,700¥7,300¥7,900¥600
●Kids Accessories 2pieces set¥1,900¥3,000¥3,800¥4,500¥5,000¥5,500¥6,000¥500
●Kids Ski Poles ●Kids Goggles
●Kids Gloves ●Kids Beanie
●Kids Helmet
Accessories 3 pieses set : Gloves,Goggles and Beanie Accessories 2 pieses set : Choose from Gloves,Goggles or Beanie

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About Reservations

・Your reservation will be canceled if you are late. In that case,you need to make a new reservation.

Rental Items and Delivery

・You can have your rental fitting early, from the evening before (3:00pm The business end) your day of use. How about giving yourself some extra free time in the morning of your day of rental with this convenient service?

*Payment for equipment rental cannot be received during the previous-day early rental fittings.

・A fee will be charged for resizing after rental.

*If a new delivery is required to replace the boots, a \700 fee will be charged.

*It is possible to change item within the same grade during the rental period. Service charge of \1,000 applies at a time.

・During the rental period, the rental fee will be charged regardless of whether you use it or not.

・Please order the helmet separately. Full set doesn’t include the helmet fee.

・You cannot choose the color of the wear, Beanie, and helmet.

・Standard skis and snowboards cannot be selected in brand or color. Only you can inquire about the brand and type of premium.

・As for ski or snowboard length,we prepare according to your heights and levels. Please let us know in advance if you have a specific or desired length.

Loss and Damage

In the case of loss or damage, we will charge a disclaimer(equivalent to the actual cost).